Assad and Russia take advantage of US elections and Brexit and they burn Aleppo

Assad and Russia are insanely bombarding Aleppo.

In his speech two days ago, Hizbullah’s Hassan Nasrallah explained frankly the Iranian-Russian plan in Aleppo. He said that their goal there is to kill as many people as possible in order to break the morale of the opposition. After that, the opposition would stop resisting Assad. He said that this strategy was implemented before in southern Syria and it worked there.

This plan of massive terrorization is being implemented now. Assad and Russia are burning Aleppo to the ground.

They are taking advantage of the American elections and the Brexit crisis. The public opinion in the West is occupied with these important issues, so Assad and the Russians feel now that there is a chance to implement the plan which Nasrallah explained.

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    • On my way out of Syria I passed through the city of Homs. This was after the city was “liberated” by Assad. I saw almost nobody in the streets. All the shops I saw were looted. I also knew from the media that Assad’s thugs looted the homes. They basically drove the people out and looted their homes and shops.

      I saw some people in some parts of the city, but I presume that most of those were Alawis or Christians. The Sunni Muslims were mostly driven out and turned into refugees. This is very similar to what happened to the Palestinians in 1948.

      Homs was the 3rd largest city in Syria before the war.

      The strangest thing is that Assad claimed victory in Homs.

  1. I think that the writer is going crazy. In his Arabic Blog, he is saying that Russia stopped helping Assad in Aleppo:

    But here in his English blog, he is saying that Assad / Russia are burning Aleppo.

    Someone should tell him to stop his theoriaing and go and live in Syria.

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