Assad may move soon to prevent the SDF from reaching Al-Bab

The bogus attack by Assad on Raqqah was largely publicized by the idiot who runs this website.

This website publicized Assad’s advances in the desert leading to Raqqah as if those advances were important.

There is a big difference between advancing in empty desert and advancing into cities. If Assad actually tries to go into important IS cities such as Tabqah or Raqqah, he will certainly get stuck in a fight that he cannot win. We have seen him fight the IS in Dayr Az-Zor and we know his capabilities.

I doubt that Assad will actually go into Tabqah or Raqqah. He has already had the media attention he wanted (thanks to the SOHR idiot). Assad’s objective was only to foil the attack by the SDF in Raqqah province. He wanted to say to the media that he is there in Raqqah, so the SDF should go away lest they clash with him.

If Assad becomes confident that the SDF will not move on Tabqah or Raqqah, he will probably freeze his phony operation in the province and will try to move towards Al-Bab, in order to prevent the SDF from controlling that important area.

Al-Bab can be the only realistic link between the eastern SDF forces and the western SDF forces in Afrin and Aleppo. It is unlikely at this time that the SDF will take the Azaz area near the Turkish border. If the eastern SDF want to reach their western branch, they must take Al-Bab and move from there towards Tell Rifaat.

As soon as Assad’s thugs reach Tabqah and deploy near it, Assad will probably freeze his phony operation in Raqqah and will move on Al-Bab, because Assad is not really fighting the IS. He is fighting the SDF under the guise of fighting the IS.

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