You will not hear anymore about Assad’s attack on Raqqah

Jaysh Al-Fatah is still advancing south of Aleppo.

Assad’s militias attacked south and north of Aleppo, but they were repelled, and a counterattack by JaF took yet another village south of Aleppo (القراصي).

The Americans and Kurds seem to have stopped their attack on the IS in Raqqah. If this is true, it is a wise move. It is what I suggested earlier.

Now Assad is being screwed in Aleppo, and he is left alone to face the IS in its heartland.

Assad is stupid, but he is not mentally retarded. I do not think that he will seriously continue his attack in Raqqah province. We will probably not hear anymore about that attack, just like we stopped hearing about Assad’s operation to take Dayr-Az-Zor.

I never believed Assad’s attack on Raqqah was serious. It was a joke from the beginning.

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