Another defeat for Assad in Dayr Az-Zor

A new victory for the IS over Assad in Dayr Az-Zor.

A battle that has been going on for days between Assad and the IS ended with Assad’s defeat. He lost an important hill and his human losses were over 50.

Note that this major defeat happens after Assad announced that he was going to take Dayr Az-Zor from the IS. He even asked the inhabitants to leave the city. That should give you an idea about the reality of his Raqqah march.

The Russians are supporting him with airstrikes, the Iranians are supporting him with manpower, but he is still being defeated on all fronts. Yesterday he lost in Aleppo, today he loses in Dayr Az-Zor, and tomorrow he will lose somewhere in Raqqah province.

I do not understand how some people take this clown seriously. For me, he is much more of a joke than Gaddafi was.

Perhaps some people take him seriously because of the way he looks? When you see his picture you do not think that he is very stupid, but the reality is that he is extremely stupid. He gets huge advice from Syrians and non-Syrians, but he still acts like a clown. He has proven over many years that he is very very slow to understand things. Even his wife once said that he is very “argumentative.” She meant to say that he is stubborn and does not understand what other people tell him.

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