Arabic Grammar – 160

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Denominal nouns (continued)
Nouns in –V(V)w/–V(V)y

An important group of derivative suffixes are ones that have the form –V(V)w/–V(V)y, where V means any short vowel.

They include:

  • –aw/–ay
  • ȃw
  • iy = –ȋ
  • ȋy = –iyy

These suffixes can only exist in nouns with roots of three consonants or more. If they are found in a word that has only two other consonants, they are considered to belong to the root. For example, in *ʕaṣawun > ʕaṣaṋ {عَصًا} “a stick” the root is considered to be ʕṣw, even if we know that the original root is ʕṣ.

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