Good development: IS defeats moderate jihadists in northern Aleppo

The IS has advanced in northern Aleppo province and it is about to capture Azaz.

This is a good development, because it means that the moderate jihadists are done in northern Aleppo. Now the choice there is only between the IS and the SDF.

That should make it easier for the SDF to capture northern Aleppo Province.

If the SDF captures that area, I hope that jihadists who come from there will reevaluate their positions and decide to join the SDF. That will be a better option for them than joining Al-Nusrah in Idlib, or even worse, joining Assad in Damascus.

Because there are many Kurds who reside in Aleppo city, I expect (and hope) that the SDF will try to wrest that city from Assad’s hands.

Eventually Assad’s rule in Damascus should collapse. His followers should abandon him and seek an agreement with the northern government of the SDF. An agreement between Assad’s followers and the SDF should be easy. I do not see any important differences between the two sides.

The major cause for troubles in Syria is the nationalism of Damascus, which is neither Syrian nationalism nor Arab nationalism (although it is commonly called both). Assad has turned this hateful Damascene nationalism into a brutal, savage dictatorship of himself. Another cause for troubles is the Islamist ideology. If those two destructive forces are defeated, Syria should become a much more peaceful place.

The SDF is a force that is opposed both to Damascene nationalism and to Islamist ideology. That makes it a good solution for Syria, but it is not a perfect solution as it is undemocratic.

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