Iranian hardliners set to avenge defeat at Khan Touman

An interesting report about the last Iranian defeat at Khan Touman.

According to the report, it was only one pro-Reformist website in Iran that revealed the huge Iranian losses at Khan Touman. According to that website, the number of Iranian and Afghan causalities was 80. However, Iran officially admitted only 34 dead (there is also an unspecified number of captives).

The Revolutionary Guards had to issue a statement calling on Iranians to remain calm and to wait for the Iranian counterattack. The Iranian media says that Iran is preparing a big counterattack to retake Khan Touman.

All of this is very sad for Syrians. First, it is very sad that Obama and Ban Ki-moon have not made any reactions to that blatant Iranian interference in Syria. The Iranians speak of the loss of Khan Touman as if it were a loss of their own territory, and they are promising to recapture that village very soon. How is that allowed to happen? Where is the international law? Where is the UN? Is Aleppo now officially a part of Iran?

Second, it is sad that the intervention in Syria is being used as a political weapon in the struggle between the Reformists and Conservatives in Iran. The Reformist media exaggerates Iranian losses in Syria, while the Conservative media tries to minimize them. It is not in the interest of Syrians to portray Iranian military defeats in Syria as political defeats for the Conservatives in Iran, because that will make the Conservatives insist even more on winning in Syria, which means that they will commit more atrocities.


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