Assad greets American senator with a new big massacre in Aleppo

Assad targeted a hospital in Aleppo yesterday, in one new massacre of his.

Targeting hospitals is typical of Assad. He has hit so many hospitals during his ‘anti-terrorism’ campaign.

It seems that the Republican senator Richard H. Black of Virginia does not know that Assad has destroyed so many hospitals in Syria. This could be one reason for why this senator traveled all the way to Damascus and entered Assad’s den in order to show sympathy with him.

It is interesting that Assad attacked the hospital in Aleppo while he was in the meeting with that American senator. I do not know what Assad was thinking. He probably was not deliberately trying to embarrass that ‘courageous’ senator. Perhaps he thought that attacking the hospital while an American senator was visiting him to show support would give legitimacy to the crime. (Some people may find that strange, but it is really how Assad thinks. When the US began its airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria, Assad started to bomb civilians in the same areas that the Americans targeted. He was trying to legitimize his massacres by sending the message “my raids are not different from the American raids.” Assad has never thought of stopping his massacres, but he has all along sought to legitimize them.)

This story should be a lesson for every American who likes Assad’s massacres. If you come to Assad’s den to show support to him, he will greet you with one big massacre that will make headlines in the global media.

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