Rebels continue to shell Aleppo… in order to deter Iran?

The rebels are still bombarding Aleppo with their projectiles:


The rebels did attack civilian areas in Aleppo before, but those attacks were sporadic. Now it seems that the rebels are systematically hitting civilian areas under Assad’s control in order to deter Iran from launching the expected big attacks on their areas.

Iran has been mustering a large force in Aleppo in order to launch a new campaign there. That campaign will take a long time until it achieves its objective (which, I suppose, is to besiege Aleppo). The rebels are now hitting civilian areas in the Iranian part of Aleppo because they want to demonstrate to the Iranians one of their capabilities.

There are now calls in the Iranian part of Aleppo for strikes and even demonstrations against Assad. That is happening after just one or two rounds of shelling by the rebels. If the rebels continue their shelling, the residents in the Iranian part of Aleppo may really go out in demonstrations against Assad.

I am sure that most of ‘Assad’s supporters’ in Aleppo do not really support him. They loathe him. They are just putting up with him because of their fear of the rebels. It seems that those people are now getting really angry at Assad because of the shelling by the rebels. Iran has to think carefully about this issue before launching its promised big campaign.

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